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The Ice Cream Sundae Festival Design Prompt

 Imagine you’re an ice cream architect, and your latest project is to craft the most extraordinary ice cream sundae for the town’s Ice Cream Festival. First, create a detailed diagram (picture with labels) of your design. Think about the structure, flavours, and decorations. What layers will you include? Which toppings will make a spectacular visual effect? Consider the balance of colours, textures, and tastes. Then, describe your frozen masterpiece in vivid detail. What special tools and techniques do you use to assemble it? How do you layer each flavor for the perfect combination? What is the finishing touch that makes your sundae unique? Paint a picture with words that let us taste and see your creation just by reading about it!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What is the color scheme of your sundae?

Describe the tools you would use to layer and sculpt your sundae meticulously.

What innovative flavours have you chosen for your sundae, and how do they complement each other?

How have you balanced the textures in your sundae to create an enjoyable experience?

What edible decorations have you chosen for the final touches, and why?

How does your sundae reflect the spirit or unique characteristics of your town?

What challenges might arise during the construction of your sundae, and how would you solve them?

If you were to name your sundae creation, what would it be, and what inspired it?

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