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Snowstorm Village Rescue Narrative Prompt

Write a narrative about a mission to save a mountain village from a snowstorm. You’re equipped with a special bubble that can navigate through the snow. What kind of gadgets are inside your bubble? How do you help the villagers, and what kind of friendships do you form along the way? Describe your heroic journey and the lessons you learn.

Try to answer at least a few of the following questions to help plan your writing:

What features make the special bubble capable of navigating through a snowstorm?

What gadgets inside the bubble are essential for survival in extreme winter conditions?

How does the main character feel when they first see the village needing help?

Describe the most challenging moment during the mission. How does the character overcome it?

What unique skills or qualities does the main character use to help the villagers?

Who is the first villager the main character meets, and what is their story?

How do the villagers react to the bubble and the help they are being offered?

Discuss a moment of conflict or misunderstanding during the mission and how it’s resolved.

What kind of friendships does the main character form during their stay in the village?

What are the lessons learned by the main character about bravery, kindness, and community after the mission is complete?

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