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Picture Prompt

Snowboarding Choose Your Own Adventure Writing

Bunny’s Swift Zigzag 🐇
Imagine a rabbit swiftly snowboarding down a mountain slope. As you watch its descent, focus on describing the rabbit’s speed and agility as it navigates the twists and turns of the hill. How does the rabbit use its small size and quick reflexes to weave between obstacles and make sharp turns with ease? What do its movements look like as it hops over jumps and darts through the snow, leaving a trail of powder in its wake? Use vivid and descriptive language to bring to life the essence of this swift and nimble snowboarding adventure, showcasing the rabbit’s incredible speed and agility on the snowy slopes.

Things to think about when choosing this path:

How does the rabbit’s natural hopping motion influence its snowboarding style?

Would the rabbit take more shortcuts or hidden paths on the slope?

How do the other snowboarders view this small but swift creature?

Would the rabbit have any close calls or narrowly avoided obstacles?

How does the fluffy snow feel beneath the rabbit’s feet?

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