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Snowboarding Choose Your Own Adventure Writing

Hawk’s Aerial Acrobatics 🦅
Imagine soaring through the crisp mountain air alongside a hawk as it snowboards down a snowy slope. As you fly beside it, focus on describing the hawk’s impressive aerial tricks and the advantage its wings provide. How does the hawk use its wings to steer and balance as it performs flips and spins in midair? What do its movements look like as it gracefully glides over jumps and obstacles, using its wings to catch the wind and soar even higher? Use vivid and descriptive language to capture the essence of this breathtaking experience.

Things to think about when choosing this path:

How does the hawk use its wings?

Does the hawk incorporate hunting or diving movements into its tricks?

Do other birds join or watch the hawk?

How does the hawk feel as it soars and swoops with its snowboard?

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