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Picture Prompt

Burger Delight Writing Prompt

Imagine you’re a renowned chef, and you’ve just crafted what could be the world’s most magnificent burger, one that rivals the towering delight full of juicy beef, velvety cheese, and crisp vegetables pictured here. But you know that taste is a personal journey; not everyone can savor the same flavours due to dietary or taste preferences. Now, write a persuasive advertisement for your burger. You can describe the indulgent layers and textures of the burger shown, or you can choose to persuade your audience with a burger creation of your design tailored to your favorite ingredients or dietary considerations. Convince your readers why this burger – the one you describe, whether it’s the one in the image or one from your imagination – is an unmissable culinary experience.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What ingredients would you choose for your perfect burger if you did not write about the one in the picture?

What adjectives would you use to describe the textures and flavours of a burger in the image to persuade someone to try it?

What unique selling points would you highlight if you were to create an advertisement for a burger?

What persuasive words and phrases could you use to convince your reader?

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