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Mystical Smartphone Garden Picture Prompt

Jamie discovered something incredible one morning: their smartphone had become a gateway to a tiny, vibrant garden. Green plants and a shimmering stream were growing right out of the screen! Jamie couldn’t believe their eyes. As they leaned in closer, they heard the faint sounds of nature coming from the phone. Suddenly, a tiny voice called out for help from within the garden. Jamie realized this was no ordinary garden – it was a world of its own, filled with tiny creatures and mysteries. Jamie must figure out how to care for this living, breathing world inside their phone and uncover its secrets. What adventures await Jamie in this miniature world, and what challenges will they face to keep it thriving?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What would happen if you touched one of the plants growing from the smartphone?

Can you imagine what sounds you might hear coming from this tiny garden?

How do you think the garden started growing inside the smartphone?

What kinds of animals or insects might live in this small garden world?

What would you do if your phone started growing a garden like this?

Do you think this garden has any magical properties? What could they be?

If you could grow any plant or flower on your phone, what would you choose and why?

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