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Picture Prompt

Zoomed-in Wonder Descriptive Writing Prompt

Imagine looking at a picture taken with a powerful camera that can zoom in very close, showing you a macro image of something. The photo reveals fragile shimmering plates with intricate designs layered over one another. As the light glints off them, you see a kaleidoscope of colours, making it appear delicate and otherworldly.

Now it’s your turn to dream up what this photo is showing.

Write a narrative about what this zoomed-in photo could be. Maybe it’s the tip of a fairy’s wing, covered in morning dew; perhaps it’s a slice of a strange plant from a distant planet; it could be the scales on a tiny fish that glows in the dark sea or a piece of a shiny crystal hidden in a cave that no one else knows about.

Describe every detail you can dream up, like the colours and the shapes that twist and turn. What would it feel like if you were tiny enough to touch it? Is it slick like ice or rough like a rock? Let your words turn this tiny thing into a great, big adventure! What’s happening around it? Is it still, or is it moving? What would it smell like if it had a scent, or what sound would it make? Dive into your imagination and tell us about the incredible, colourful world you’ve zoomed in on with your camera.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What are some of the smallest things you’ve seen?

If you could use a powerful microscope to see anything in detail, what would you choose and why?

Can you think of a time when you saw something ordinary, like a drop of water, and it looked extraordinary up close?

What kinds of creatures or objects in nature have patterns or colours that might look different in a macro image?

If the thing had special powers or properties, what would they be, and how would they work?

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