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Picture Prompt

The Wolf’s Secret Talent Writing Prompt

Here is a wise and friendly animal that looks like a wolf or a wild dog but with a magical twist. This animal is not only strong and intelligent, but it also has an extraordinary power that makes it one of a kind. In your writing, describe a day you spend with this magical creature. What is its special talent or skill? How does this unique ability fill your day with joy and amazement? Let your creativity flow as you dive into the enchanting world of this animal god and its special gift.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What do you think the friendly animal looks like? Describe its appearance.

How does this animal make people feel when they are around it?

Where do you imagine meeting this animal? Describe the setting.

What are some unique abilities or talents that animals in the real world have?

How would the animal god’s talent bring joy and wonder to your day?

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