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Picture Prompt

Learning to ride a hoverboard Picture Prompt

Recount your experience learning to ride a hoverboard over the water. Include your feelings throughout the experience, the challenges encountered, the triumph of achieving balance and then the feel of riding this futuristic machine!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What details would make your recount vivid and engaging for someone who has never seen a hoverboard before?

How did wearing safety equipment, like a life jacket, make you feel during the hoverboard experience?

What emotions did you go through during the different stages of learning to ride the hoverboard?

How can you describe the support (or lack thereof) from friends or instructors during this experience?

How did the environment (like the weather, the water, the noise level) impact your hoverboard-riding experience?

What was the most unexpected part of the hoverboard experience that you would want to highlight in your recount?

Would you describe the hoverboard as easy or challenging to learn based on your recount, and why?

How would you compare the experience of learning to ride the hoverboard to any other first-time experiences you’ve had?

If you were to teach someone else how to ride the hoverboard, what advice would you offer based on your recount?

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