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Picture Prompt

Golden Microphone Writing Prompt

You spot a shimmering golden microphone in a quiet corner of your classroom, unlike any you’ve ever seen. It looks just like the ones used for famous podcasts. Its glinting exterior and magical aura make it stand out from everyday classroom items. As you approach it, you realize this isn’t any ordinary microphone. Whoever speaks to it can share their stories or ideas with the world! What would you share if you had the chance to use this golden microphone for one day?

Golden Microphone Writing Prompt: Write a narrative about starting a podcast or recount an episode of your very own podcast. Remember, the world is listening!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

If you could interview anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Think about a fun day you’ve had recently. What made it special, and how would you describe it to someone who wasn’t there?

Are there any fun games, songs, or jokes you’d like to share with listeners? Why do you think they’d enjoy them?

If you could give a piece of advice or share a lesson you’ve learned with others, what would it be?

What are some sounds in your classroom or school that you’d want to capture and share? Why do you think they’re interesting or special?

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