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Magical Bear Guardian Picture Prompt

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  1. As the first firefly of the evening blinked to life, Tessa tiptoed closer to the heart of the forest. She had heard legends of the giant, magical bear guardian who guarded these woods. But nothing could have prepared her for the sight she was about to witness. There he was—the great brown bear, his nose lifted to the sky, taking in the scents of a warm summer day. All around him, fireflies danced and a gentle spring bubbled. It was as if she had stepped right into a movie.
  2. Jake couldn’t believe his eyes. He had been playing by the spring of water when a shadow began to form before him. It was the massive, legendary brown bear guardian of the forest, shimmering under the light of the setting sun. Fireflies buzzed around, creating an aura of magic. It wasn’t just a story his grandparents had told—it was real, and he was standing right in the middle of it.
  3. In the summer, kids loved to look for the big magical bear in the forest. One sunny day, Maya and her little brother Leo saw the bear up close! Surrounded by fireflies, the bear stood near a spring, sniffing the air. Maya and Leo watched in wonder.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What does this picture remind you of?

How do you imagine a ‘giant magical bear’ to look and behave?

If you were in the forest and saw the bear god, how would you react? Would you approach it or hide? Why?

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