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Retired Superman Picture Prompts

Choose the writing prompt that inspires you the most:

  1. Everyday Hero: We often think of superheroes as having incredible powers, flying through the skies, and saving the world. But what if a superhero decided to retire and live a normal life? Write a narrative about the daily adventures of this old Superman living in the countryside. What kind of heroics does he get up to in his average life?
  2. The Cape’s Tales: Imagine every time the old Superman puts on his cape, he’s transported back to one of his most memorable adventures. Today, as he sits on the porch, he decides to wear his cape one more time. Where does it take him? Describe the adventure and how it feels to relive it.
  3. Super Stories: You’re a young kid in the neighborhood, and you’ve always been curious about the old man who dresses like Superman. One day, you gather the courage to approach him and ask about his outfit. Write a dialog between you and the old Superman, sharing stories, laughter, and maybe a secret or two about his past.
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