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Lily’s World Writing Prompts

If you could live inside any story for a day, which would you choose?

  1. Lily’s Living Stories: Every night Lily dreams, the stories she reads before bed come alive around her, merging reality and fiction. Last night, she read about a mysterious tropical island. Describe the adventures she has, the characters she meets, and the challenges she faces when the island world from her book melds with her real-life surroundings.
  2. The Floating Pages: Lily has a magical ability. Whenever she touches a page of a book, it floats around her, revealing not just words but the vibrant world contained within the story. One day, a particular page from a tropical adventure book escapes and starts influencing her school day. Write about how her normal school activities turn into extraordinary events because of this floating page.
  3. Portal to Paradise: In the corner of her room, Lily has a special book. When she opens it, the pages fly out and create a portal to the world depicted in the narrative. Eager to explore, she steps into a tropical paradise one evening. Detail her experiences as she navigates this vibrant realm, the creatures she interacts with, and the treasures of knowledge she gathers before returning home.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Think of the last book you read. What would it be like if that world suddenly merged with our own?

Has a story or book ever influenced how you acted or thought during a day?

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