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Picture Prompt

Lost in the City Writing Prompts

What are some things these children might see or hear in the city that could help them find their way?

What advice would you give to the young boy and girl if they asked for your help?

What adjectives would you use to describe this picture?

Choose a prompt:

  1. The Lost Map: In their pockets, the young boy and girl discover a tattered old map with peculiar symbols, leading to a hidden treasure within the city. As they follow the trail, they meet various city dwellers who offer clues. Write about a recount about their treasure-hunting adventure and the challenges they face in the heart of the bustling city.
  2. A City’s Heartbeat: The boy and girl aren’t just lost geographically; they are trying to understand the rhythm and life of the city, which is very different from their hometown. Describe a day in their life as they encounter the sights and sounds of the city, the different people they meet, and the lessons they learn about urban living.
  3. The Compass Pendant: The girl wears a necklace with a pendant that, unbeknownst to her, points the way to their long-lost family home. As they navigate the city streets, the pendant starts glowing and pulling them in a certain direction. Detail their journey as they follow the pull of the pendant and uncover family secrets and tales from their past.
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