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Horse Writing Prompts

Meet Stormrider, the adventurous Icelandic horse with a fiery spirit and a heart full of wanderlust. Imagine being in the enchanting grasslands of Iceland, where Stormrider roams freely with his companion, Misty.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Which horse do you think is Stormrider?

What do you think a typical day could look like for these horses?

Can you think of any challenges or adventures Stormrider and Misty might face?

Choose from one of the following Horse Writing Prompts:

1. Write a dialog between Stormrider and Misty, capturing their thoughts and emotions as they walk under the beautiful rainbow.
2. Imagine you are Stormrider. Write a diary entry about a memorable adventure you had with Misty in the grasslands of Iceland.
3. Write a poem about the deep connection and unspoken language shared between Stormrider and Misty as they explore the world together.

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