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Ancient Rome VR Writing Prompt

For your school project, you’re tasked with bringing to life the Colosseum during a mesmerising golden sunset. Rather than using traditional drawing or crafting methods, you opt for a cutting-edge virtual reality experience set in Ancient Rome.

Delve into your virtual creation. Describe the elements you include, from the participants in the grand procession to the diverse onlookers, the surrounding architecture, the climate, and the vibrant hues of the sunset.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What would you be most excited to see and do in Ancient Rome near the Colosseum? Why?

What do you imagine it would look like and sound like?

What questions would you have about Ancient Rome?

If you could bring one item from modern times to Ancient Rome, what would it be and why?

Extension: Envision the reactions of those experiencing your presentation. What do they feel and express as they immerse themselves in your VR portrayal of Ancient Rome?

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