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Picture Prompt

Jungle Water Choose Your Own Adventure

Your checkpoint lies downstream, but the jungle waterway is not without its challenges. What wildlife do you encounter, and how does the jungle feel from this serene vantage point? Write about this tranquil yet demanding segment of your journey.

Things to think about when choosing this path:

How does it feel to be paddling on the water with the sounds of the jungle around you?

What kinds of wildlife might you see from your canoe? How would these creatures behave in their natural habitat?

What challenges might you encounter while navigating a canoe through a jungle waterway? How would you overcome these challenges?

How does the jungle look different from the vantage point of the waterway compared to the treetops or the rough dirt roads?

How does the serenity of the waterway contrast with the potential dangers of the jungle? How does this mixture of tranquility and risk affect your emotions as you continue your journey to the checkpoint?

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