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Picture Prompt

Mansion Mystery Map Choose Your Own Adventure

In the midst of the elegant surroundings, an old scroll lies rolled up on the floor. Is it a map leading to a secret location or a letter from a forgotten time? Write about the adventures that ensue when you unroll the scroll and decipher its contents.

Things to think about when choosing this path:

How does the scroll look and feel? Is it worn out or well preserved? What might this tell you about its age or significance?
Why do you think the scroll is lying on the floor? Could someone have dropped it, or was it intentionally left for someone to find?
What do you imagine might be written or drawn on the scroll? A map, a letter, or something else?
How do you feel as you unroll the scroll? Are you excited, nervous, or something else?
What adventures might be sparked by the contents of the scroll? If it’s a map, where might it lead? If it’s a letter, what secrets could it reveal?

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