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Picture Prompt

Mansion Mystery Trunk Choose Your Own Adventure

Against the lavish backdrop of the room, a beautifully carved wooden chest catches your eye. It’s closed, guarding a mystery. How did it come to be here and what treasures does it hold? Write a narrative about opening the chest and what you find inside.

Things to think about when choosing this path:

Can you describe the details of the chest? How do you think the carvings were made, and what might they represent?
What feelings or thoughts does the sight of the chest stir in you? Are you curious, cautious, or excited?
Why do you think the chest is in this room? Was it forgotten, hidden, or perhaps left intentionally?
What could be inside the chest? Could it be treasure, a secret message, or something completely unexpected?
When you decide to open the chest, how do you feel? And when you see what’s inside, how does your adventure take shape?

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