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Picture Prompt

Icy Bridge Choose Your Own Adventure

A frigid wind nips at you as you approach an icy bridge stretching across tumultuous rapids. How will you summon the courage to traverse this frosty passageway, and what challenges are ahead? Craft a narrative of your icy adventure.

Things to think about when choosing this path:

1. How would you describe the feeling of the frigid wind against your face?
2. What emotions run through you as you stand before the icy bridge? Fear, excitement, anticipation?
3. What safety precautions might you need to take while crossing the bridge? How would you ensure your footing on the icy surface?
4. Can you think of descriptive words or phrases to portray the sound and movement of the tumultuous rapids below?
5. What possible challenges or unexpected encounters might you face in the icy wilderness beyond the bridge?

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