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Rapunzel Creative Writing Prompts

What differences do you see between the traditional Rapunzel story and this modern-day version?

How might she feel stuck in a modern-day tower?

What kind of adventures or challenges could she have?

How is this picture similar and different to the original fairy tale?

  1. City Escape: Imagine if modern-day Rapunzel decided to use her long plaited hair in a unique way to explore the city. How does she do it? Write a story about her urban adventure and the people she meets along the way.
  2. Hidden Talents: Rapunzel, in her tall apartment block, has discovered she has a unique talent or skill that no one knows about. What is it? How does she use this skill to change her daily life or even her fate?
  3. The Neighbor: In the apartment across from Rapunzel’s, there lives someone curious about the girl with incredibly long hair. This person tries to communicate or connect with Rapunzel. Write a story from the neighbor’s perspective and their attempts to befriend the modern-day Rapunzel.
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