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Picture Prompt

Unexpected Day Story Starter

What kind of surprising event could happen to Alex as they step off the bus? Brainstorm a few creative ideas.
What emotions do you think Alex would feel if a friendly stray dog suddenly ran up to greet them?
How could a sudden burst of raindrops from a passing cloud surprise Alex? How might they react and adjust their plans?
What if Alex found a handwritten letter on the ground addressed to them? How might this letter change the course of their day and their thoughts?
What kind of unexpected event involving a friend could make Alex’s day take an exciting turn?
Imagine if Alex’s favorite celebrity unexpectedly appeared nearby as they got off the bus. How might this celebrity encounter shape the rest of Alex’s day?

Use your imagination to continue this story. Write about a surprising event that occurs as Alex gets off the bus.

Title: Unexpected!

Alex stepped off the bus, feeling like today was going to be different.

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