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Picture Prompt

Small Moment Writing

Imagine you are the child in the picture, standing before a vast array of your favorite sweet treats. Your eyes twinkle with excitement, and you can hardly contain your joy. Today is special because you get to choose the one treat you love the most. Describe how you feel as you reach out, the thoughts racing through your mind as you ponder your choice, and the delightful sensation of taking that first bite. What does it taste like? How does it make you feel? Write about this small yet magical moment, savouring every detail as if you are reliving the joy of your favorite food treat.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Have you ever been in an amazing food store? Describe it.

What treat would you choose, and why is it your favorite?

How would you feel when you first see all the treats before you?

Describe the flavours and textures you experience as you take your first bite.

What memories do you associate with this treat?

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