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Picture Prompt

Board Game Creative Writing

Imagine you’re a toy game piece that has just come to life on a magical game board. What kind of game are you in, and what will be your first move?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What would it feel like to come to life as a game piece suddenly?

What special abilities might you have as a game piece on a magical board?

What kind of game do you imagine you’re part of? Is it a board game, a video game, or something else?

What goals do you have as a game piece? Are you trying to win a game or complete a quest?

What obstacles might you encounter on the game board?

How would you move around the board—do you have to wait for someone to roll dice, or can you move freely?

From your perspective, what would the world outside of the game board look like?
If you encounter players of the game, how do you think they would react to you being alive?

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