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Picture Prompt

Racing the Wind Writing Prompt

Create a dialog between the child in the wheelchair and the wind as they race each other down the hill. What would the wind say about the child’s speed and excitement? How does the child respond, and what do they learn from each other during their playful competition?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How do you think the child perceives the wind during their race? As a competitor, a friend, or something else entirely?

What characteristics might the child give to the wind, and why would they choose those traits?

In what ways could the wind express admiration or encouragement for the child’s courage and speed?

How might the child’s laughter and joy affect the wind’s behavior in the story?

Discuss the possible history between the child and the wind. Have they raced before, or is this a new encounter?

At the end of the race, what parting words might the wind have for the child, and what promise might the child make to the wind for their next meeting?

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