A child on a bmx bike mid-air jumping on a summer day. They have a helmet on. Flowers and grass are in the foreground.

Bike Ride

Unleash your imagination with our Choose Your Own Adventure’ prompts! Tailor-made for young minds, our interactive exercises invite you to explore thrilling downhill mountain races, acrobatic BMX jumps, and serene seaside bike cruises. Dive into our creative journey and let your words pedal your story!

Antarctica Choose Your Own Adventure Writing Image: A luxury tour boat is stopped in the icy waters of Antarctica. Tourists are gathered on the deck, looking out at the water. In the distance, a whale can be seen swimming.


Brace yourselves for a thrilling expedition into the icy wilderness of Antarctica! Your journey will take one of three exciting paths: sailing through the Antarctic waters aboard a luxury tour boat; delving into the world of scientific research as a young scientist based in Antarctica; or choosing to respect the pristine Antarctic landscape by exploring this icy wonderland through virtual reality, wearing VR goggles right from the comfort of your school.

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