An impressively long suspension bridge extending into the unseen end amidst a dense rainforest with rising mist, the angle of the image focusing on the length of the bridge and providing a clear view of its structure.

Bridge to…

Prepare yourselves for a daring voyage across bridges and into the wilderness! Your adventure lies on the other side of one of three tantalizingly dangerous suspension bridges: a swaying bridge in the relentless heat of the desert leading into a vast canyon, an icy bridge trembling above rushing white water rapids in a harsh, rocky terrain, or a creaking wooden bridge tucked within the shadows of a dense, misty rainforest.

Antarctica Choose Your Own Adventure Writing Image: A luxury tour boat is stopped in the icy waters of Antarctica. Tourists are gathered on the deck, looking out at the water. In the distance, a whale can be seen swimming.


Brace yourselves for a thrilling expedition into the icy wilderness of Antarctica! Your journey will take one of three exciting paths: sailing through the Antarctic waters aboard a luxury tour boat; delving into the world of scientific research as a young scientist based in Antarctica; or choosing to respect the pristine Antarctic landscape by exploring this icy wonderland through virtual reality, wearing VR goggles right from the comfort of your school.

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