Deer Shape-shifter Choose Your Own Adventure: Digital artwork of a human-like figure with deer characteristics, including large, expressive orange eyes and white-spotted deer fur.


Step into the ‘Shape-shifter Choose Your Own Adventure’, where your chosen spirit animal enriches your journey with distinct abilities and strengths. Selecting your shape-shifter, you’ll leverage their inherent powers to traverse the settings of your story. Whether journeying through time’s beginning or venturing into future realms, from Earth’s expanses to fantastical domains, your imagination sets the boundaries. Allow your animal’s unique talents to guide your narrative, unveiling new territories and exhilarating adventures!

Spring 'Camping Choose Your Own Adventure': A view from inside a tent of a person sitting and looking out at a towering waterfall amidst a forest in spring.


Wonders of nature become the backdrop of your camping escapades! This quest is an exploration of the great outdoors and a journey through the four distinct seasons—each offering its unique beauty and challenges. As you choose your adventure, you will immerse yourself in the distinctive atmosphere of winter’s chill, spring’s renewal, summer’s warmth, or fall’s crispness. Experience the changing landscapes, activities, and the magic each season brings to your camping story. Let the season you choose dictate the narrative, crafting a rich tapestry of experiences that are as diverse as nature itself.

Donut Food Fight Choose Your Own Adventure: a group of children in a massive donut food fight. Colorful iced donuts with sprinkles are flying, kids are laughing and having loads of fun.

Food Fight

Prepare to embark on a unique ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ journey, where food isn’t just for eating—it’s for epic battles! In this adventure, you will choose from three wildly fun and delicious paths:

Gemstone Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: a powerful, glowing magical blue stone in a magical style.


The allure of magic beckons you, urging you to embark on a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ journey like no other! Deep within the realms of enchantment, powerful gemstones pulsate with mysterious energy. But which of these magical gems calls out to you the most?

Mars Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: A photo-realistic, futuristic image featuring a 10-year-old pilot zooming swiftly over the Mars surface in a high-tech hover racer. Bathed in the stunning orange and bronze hues of Martian sunlight, the hovercraft creates an otherworldly scene, emphasizing the speed and excitement of its journey.


Embark on an interplanetary journey with our ‘Mars Themed Choose Your Own Adventure’ webpage. After a collaborative brainstorming session, students can select from three enthralling prompts: Racing across Mars’ surface on a hover racer, exploring its largest volcano with a friend, or sharing moments inside the Mars space station with a friendly droid. Our discussion questions will fuel their creativity, paving the way for unforgettable Martian adventures. Ignite your imagination and experience the red planet like never before!

Two young actors exude joy and enthusiasm as they perform a dynamic dance number in a vibrant Broadway musical.


Step into your imagination with our ‘Choose Your Musical Adventure’ page. Will you spend your weekend in a tropical water wonderland, a high-tech suburban hideaway, or an adventurous woodland retreat? Explore, dream, and write your own adventure today!

A colorful hot air balloon hovering high above the magnificent Burj Khalifa, with the sprawling cityscape of Abu Dhabi stretched out below under a clear sky.

Balloon Ride

Ignite creativity with our exciting Hot Air Balloon Adventure Writing Prompts. Explore diverse landscapes from the Burj Khalifa to the South African savannah or a tropical Thai paradise. Discover in-depth discussion questions, brainstorming tools, and personalized writing prompts designed to inspire young writers to envision and chronicle their unique hot air balloon journey. Experience the thrill of creative writing from the sky!

Magic Carpet over Ancient Port Choose Your Own Adventure: Two children on a small flying carpet, looking out at an ancient roman port. Wooden boats and a city in the distance.

Magic Carpet

Whisk away on a gust of wind and unravel the threads of stories untold, as a magical carpet waits to take you on an adventure that spans through time and across continents. The world beneath unfolds in a myriad of colors, each thread representing a story, an era, a moment in time. As you soar, let your imagination paint the canvas of your adventure.

Aerial view from a helicopter cabin showcasing a city surrounded by the stunning landscape of the Grand Canyon on a bright, sunny day.


Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey through the breathtaking landscape of a canyon! You’ll have the opportunity to experience this awe-inspiring adventure in one of three thrilling ways: hiking through the canyon with friends while spotting a helicopter overhead, kayaking the exhilarating rapids within the canyon, or soaring above the canyon as the skilled pilot of a helicopter. Each of you will have a unique adventure, but you’ll all share the wonder of exploring the majestic canyon.

Waterfall Choose Your Own Adventure Writing Image: Determined 8-year-old boy balancing on a tightrope over Niagara Falls, vibrant blue skies and white fluffy clouds, and bright natural light.


Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey like no other! You and your classmates are about to become explorers, venturing into the magnificent world of waterfalls. As you stand at the edge of this awe-inspiring natural wonder, you can hear the roaring waters and feel the cool mist on your face. Each of you will set off on your own unique adventure, but you all begin in the same magical place.

Tropical Influencer Post Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Person holding an iphone with a picture of a beautiful tropical water scene near a reef.

Influencer Post

Step into the digital age’s limelight and prepare to dazzle your followers with tales from the world’s most captivating destinations. Yes, you are no longer just students; you are now the internet’s most sought-after travel influencers, equipped with the power to inspire, amuse, and educate. Each digital snapshot offers a portal to a new world, a new story, and a chance for you to share your own unique experiences.

A child on a bmx bike mid-air jumping on a summer day. They have a helmet on. Flowers and grass are in the foreground.

Bike Ride

Unleash your imagination with our Choose Your Own Adventure’ prompts! Tailor-made for young minds, our interactive exercises invite you to explore thrilling downhill mountain races, acrobatic BMX jumps, and serene seaside bike cruises. Dive into our creative journey and let your words pedal your story!

Snowboarding Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Action photography, extreme closeup of a black bear snowboarder, board and boots as they fly over a jump at a ski resort in the mountains.


The most exhilarating winter challenge! Get ready to embark on a thrilling descent down the snowy slopes, but here’s the twist: this isn’t your ordinary snowboarding experience. Instead, you’ll dive into the world of our animal friends and imagine their unique adventures on a snowboard.

Vegetables Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Food photography of a forest of giant broccoli trees, with quaint and adorably small kids climbing the trees.


A deliciously delightful journey unlike any other! The world of vegetables takes on an enchanting twist, with lands filled with gigantic greens that touch the sky and hills that roll like waves. This is not just any world – this is the magical realm of vegetable wonderlands!

Miniature Sloth Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: photo the smallest sloth in the world, hyper - realistic. being held in a person's hand.

Miniature Animals

Where the wonders of nature take on a dimension you’ve never seen before. Just imagine: creatures you thought you knew, transformed into the tiniest versions of themselves, fitting snugly in the palm of a hand. These enchanting miniatures are not just creatures but gateways to vast worlds of adventure and imagination.

Book Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Mountainous wilderness with waterfall in the style of book sculptures, using an open book as the base


A captivating world of books, where every page has the power to sweep you off to far-off lands, adventures, and emotions. These aren’t just ordinary tales. These are stories that shape the landscapes of our imagination, where every sentence paints a vivid scene and every word crafts the terrain.

Treehouse Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: Whimsical children's treehouse on a tropical island, featuring a water wonderland with slides leading into a pool, simple architectural design, and bathed in beautiful sunlight.

Tree House

Step into your imagination with our ‘Choose Your Treehouse Adventure’ page. Will you spend your weekend in a tropical water wonderland, a high-tech suburban hideaway, or an adventurous woodland retreat? Explore, dream, and write your own adventure today!

Soccer Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: An action-filled image showing a 10-year-old goalie diving with full force towards a soccer ball in a stadium, crowd standing in anticipation.


Dive into our dynamic ‘Soccer Choose Your Own Adventure’ webpage, offering a multifaceted writing experience. Pick from 3 intriguing perspectives – a goalie, winning goal scorer, or a spectator at a crucial match in a vast stadium. Stimulate your imagination with discussion questions tailored to generate ideas for this exciting writing task. Whether you’re a soccer fan or a creative writer, this platform provides an interactive way to explore and describe the thrilling world of soccer from various viewpoints.

Meadow Choose Your Own Adventure Writing Image: Macro perspective of a lush, grassy meadow, looking upward at towering dandelion seeds that appear gigantic against the backdrop of a clear sky.


Are you ready to immerse yourselves in the vibrant and tranquil world of a meadow? Our new ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ writing activity invites you to explore a picturesque meadow from three different perspectives. For this adventure, you can choose to see the world through the eyes of any creature that might inhabit the meadow.

Jungle Choose Your Own Adventure Writing Image: Child on a thrilling zip line adventure gliding high above the lush rainforest canopy.


Are you ready for a thrilling journey into the heart of the jungle? Our new ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ writing task is set to take you on an exciting adventure race, composed of three distinctive segments, each with its own set of challenges and rewards.

Detailed image of a small, ornate blue glass bottle with gold accents, resembling an item from a Narnia scene, placed elegantly on the floor of a classically decorated room showcasing an early 1900’s upper-class home ambiance.


Step into a grand mansion filled with the aura of mystery and elegance. Each room you’ll discover is reminiscent of a bygone era, akin to stepping into a scene straight out of a Narnia movie. Every corner is a canvas for your imagination, with beautifully decorated interiors and curious objects left seemingly at random, yet perfectly in place.

An impressively long suspension bridge extending into the unseen end amidst a dense rainforest with rising mist, the angle of the image focusing on the length of the bridge and providing a clear view of its structure.

Bridge to…

Prepare yourselves for a daring voyage across bridges and into the wilderness! Your adventure lies on the other side of one of three tantalizingly dangerous suspension bridges: a swaying bridge in the relentless heat of the desert leading into a vast canyon, an icy bridge trembling above rushing white water rapids in a harsh, rocky terrain, or a creaking wooden bridge tucked within the shadows of a dense, misty rainforest.

Antarctica Choose Your Own Adventure Writing Image: A luxury tour boat is stopped in the icy waters of Antarctica. Tourists are gathered on the deck, looking out at the water. In the distance, a whale can be seen swimming.


Brace yourselves for a thrilling expedition into the icy wilderness of Antarctica! Your journey will take one of three exciting paths: sailing through the Antarctic waters aboard a luxury tour boat; delving into the world of scientific research as a young scientist based in Antarctica; or choosing to respect the pristine Antarctic landscape by exploring this icy wonderland through virtual reality, wearing VR goggles right from the comfort of your school.

Silhouettes of two kids enjoying a stadium concert, surrounded by a crowd and warm, bright lights that create a fun, exuberant atmosphere.


Get ready to immerse yourselves in the thrilling world of live music as you embark on a spectacular adventure centered around a concert at a stadium! Each of you will experience this musical extravaganza in one of three distinct ways: being in the audience, dancing and singing along with a friend; rocking out on stage as a guitarist in the band; or cozying up at home, enjoying the music through your headphones. Although your adventures will differ, you’ll all share the excitement of the concert experience.

Space Choose Your Own Adventure Writing: An astronaut floating in space with a space suit and jetpack on. There's a planet below them and Earth behind them. Floating in the vastness of space.


Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey beyond the boundaries of our planet, as you venture into the vast and mysterious realm of space! The excitement is palpable as you prepare to explore the cosmos in one of three thrilling ways: witnessing a space shuttle launch, commanding a shuttle while gazing out the front window in orbit, or floating weightlessly in a spacesuit among the stars. Each of you will have a unique adventure, but you’ll all share the wonder of experiencing space firsthand.

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