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The Lab Choose Your Own Adventure Writing

Dear Young Scientists,

Step into The Lab, a realm where the boundaries of time and logic blur. As you enter this cutting-edge space, you’ll witness magical items suspended in midair, each radiating brilliant light and vibrant energy. Today, you have been selected to test one of three extraordinary magical items, each pulsating with unique powers. You’ll have the chance to don your chosen item, discover its dynamic effects, and undertake its first real mission! What marvels will you uncover?

Choose your path and discover your adventure:

  1. The Halo Ring 💍
    More than just a piece of jewellery, this ring can create a protective shield around its wearer.
  2. Sonic Soarers 👟
    Step into these and feel the rush of speed as you zip through spaces faster than the eye can follow.
  3. Hoodie of Hiding 🧥
    Pull up the hood, and you vanish from sight, which is ideal for sneaking past obstacles.

Before you dive into your adventure, we recommend doing some group brainstorming to help spark your creativity and imagination. Here are some questions to discuss with your fellow adventurers:

Which item interests you the most? Why?
What would you first notice about each item when you walk into the room?
Are there any disadvantages to having these special powers?
How does each item work?
Describe a scenario where one of these magical items could unexpectedly turn the tide in a difficult situation.
What would be the most surprising or unexpected use of one of these magical items?

Get ready, pick your tool, and let your creativity unfold as you navigate your first adventure in The Lab!

With enchanted wishes,


Your Guide to Magical Journeys

Choose Your Adventure!

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