Mars Choose Your Own Adventure Writing

Dear Future Space Explorers,

Buckle up and hold tight, as you are about to embark on an incredible journey across the mysterious landscapes of Mars. Each of you will be starting from the same point, standing on the precipice of adventure, but the path you choose to venture upon is entirely up to you. The Red Planet stretches out before you, a world full of secrets, scientific marvels, and the unknown. Are you ready to uncover its secrets?

You have three paths to choose from, each with its own unique set of challenges and rewards:

  1. Picture yourself in the cockpit of a futuristic hover racer, floating just above the Mars surface. The Martian sky drenches the landscape in hues of orange and bronze, reflecting off your craft. Can you feel the hum of the engines, the anticipation of the race?
  2. Or imagine yourself and a fellow space explorer climbing Olympus Mons, the highest peak in our solar system. You reach the summit and marvel at the endless beauty of Mars stretching before you. What wonders will you discover on this mountainous journey?
  3. Lastly, envision yourself inside a state-of-the-art Mars space station, where science fiction meets reality. You stand silhouetted against the cool, metallic interior, interacting with a high-tech robot. What kinds of tasks will you work on together? What will your daily life be like in this high-tech habitat?

Before you dive into your narratives, we recommend doing some group brainstorming to help spark your creativity and imagination. Here are some questions to discuss with your classmates:

What does the Mars landscape look like? Are there mountains, valleys, craters, or plains? How would you describe them?
What unique sights, sounds, and sensations would you experience there?
How would the low gravity on Mars affect your actions?
If you’re living on a Mars space station, what would your daily life be like? What kind of food would you eat, how would you sleep, and what work would you be doing?
What would your emotions be like on Mars? Would you feel excitement, fear, wonder, or a mix of emotions?

Each path presents its own adventure, its own story waiting to be told. Where will your Martian adventure lead you? The choice is yours. Let your imaginations run wild, explorers. The Red Planet awaits!



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