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Dear Adventurers,

Step into a grand mansion filled with the aura of mystery and elegance. Each room you’ll discover is reminiscent of a bygone era, akin to stepping into a scene straight out of a Narnia movie. Every corner is a canvas for your imagination, with beautifully decorated interiors and curious objects left seemingly at random, yet perfectly in place.

You will come across three rooms, each holding an intriguing item: a small beautiful bottle, an ornately carved wooden chest, and an antique-looking scroll. These artefacts, mysterious and inviting, are begging to tell their tales – tales that are yet to be written, and you are the author.

Your mission is to choose a room and explore the mysteries it holds. Will you be drawn to the room with the ornate bottle, the room with the intriguing wooden chest, or the room holding the ancient scroll? Each choice will guide you on a different path, shaping your unique adventure.

To aid your creative journey, ponder on these questions:

How would you describe the atmosphere and appearance of the room? Think about the colors, the furniture, the lighting, and the overall feel.
What feelings do the mystery items (the bottle, the chest, the scroll) evoke in you?
Imagine touching each item. What do they feel like? Are they cold, warm, rough, smooth?
What could be the story behind each of these items? Who might have owned them before and why were they left here?
If you could interact with the items, what would you do? Open the chest, unroll the scroll, uncork the bottle?

This mansion is filled with endless possibilities, and the rooms are waiting for your adventurous spirit. So, step forth, embrace the unknown, and let the adventure begin!



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