Concert Choose Your Own Adventure Writing

Dear Musical Adventurers,

Get ready to immerse yourselves in the thrilling world of live music as you embark on a spectacular adventure centered around a concert at a stadium! Each of you will experience this musical extravaganza in one of three distinct ways: being in the audience, dancing and singing along with a friend; rocking out on stage as a guitarist in the band; or cozying up at home, enjoying the music through your headphones. Although your adventures will differ, you’ll all share the excitement of the concert experience.

Before you dive into your stories, let’s engage in some group brainstorming to help fuel your creativity and imagination. Here are five questions to discuss with your classmates:

How would you feel seeing your favorite musician, group, or band perform live?
What might be some of the things you would see and hear while attending a concert? How would these experiences make you feel?
How might your experience of a concert be different if you were sitting close to the stage versus sitting farther away or sitting at home listening to the music?
What might be some of the challenges of attending a concert? (e.g., finding parking, waiting in line, etc.) How would you overcome them?
How would you feel after the concert was over?

Once you’ve shared your thoughts and gathered a rich bank of vocabulary and ideas, it’s time to choose your path. Will you be a relaxed music lover enjoying the concert from the comfort of home, a talented lead singer stealing the spotlight, or an enthusiastic audience member? The choice is yours, and each decision will shape your musical adventure.

Remember, you are the stars of your own stories. Embrace your creativity as you explore the unforgettable world of live music. Good luck, and may your adventures be truly harmonious!



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