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Dear Bold Adventurers,

Prepare yourselves for a daring voyage across bridges and into the wilderness! Your adventure lies on the other side of one of three tantalizingly dangerous suspension bridges: a swaying bridge in the relentless heat of the desert leading into a vast canyon, an icy bridge trembling above rushing white water rapids in harsh, rocky terrain, or a creaking wooden bridge tucked within the shadows of a dense, misty rainforest.

Before you take your first tentative steps onto your chosen bridge, let’s ignite your creativity and spark your imagination through group brainstorming. Here are five questions to discuss with your classmates:

As you set foot on your chosen suspension bridge, how do you feel? What emotions are bubbling up as you look ahead at the challenging environment that lies before you?
What sensations might you experience as you cross each bridge? Consider the heat radiating from the desert bridge, the cold surrounding you on the icy bridge, or the dampness of the rainforest bridge.
Imagine you can hear the sounds around you. What might you hear in each of these environments as you’re crossing the bridges?
What sights might greet you as you complete your crossing and step into these environments? How would these views be different from each other?
What challenges might lie ahead of you in these wild environments, and how might you use your bravery, intelligence, or other strengths to overcome them?

Once you’ve shared your thoughts, feelings, and ideas, you’re ready to embark on your journey. Will you brave the desert’s scorching heat, endure the frosty bite of the icy wilderness, or navigate the depth and mystery of the rainforest? Each choice leads to a unique adventure, and it is yours to shape and share.

Remember, you are the fearless adventurers in your own stories. Embrace your creativity as you face the unknown and craft your own tale of courage, resilience, and discovery. Good luck, adventurers! May your journey be as thrilling as the destination!



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