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Hot Air Balloon Choose Your Own Adventure Writing

Dear Adventurers,

Are you ready for an extraordinary journey? Can you feel that sense of anticipation, that thrill of the unknown? We are embarking on a grand adventure that will take us high above the earth, drifting gently on the currents of the wind.

Today, we step into a world where we look down at the tops of skyscrapers or across vast, wild landscapes, or even upon a tropical paradise. We’re going on a hot air balloon ride, each of us starting from the same point but where we end up, well, that’s up to you!

Imagine standing in the basket of a hot air balloon, the earth dropping away as you ascend into the sky. What do you see? Where do you go? You have three choices:

  1. Do you take the balloon ride over the magnificent city of Abu Dhabi, soaring above the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa? You’ll have the view of a lifetime as you look down at this shining city of the future.
  2. Or do you choose to float over the tropical paradise of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand? You can almost feel the warm sea breeze and see the brilliant colors of the island below you.
  3. Or perhaps, you decide to venture over an African savannah, looking down on the vast expanse of land filled with elephants, lions, and more. Can you spot the animals from your high vantage point?

Before you dive into your stories, let’s engage in some group brainstorming to help fuel your creativity and imagination. Here are five questions to discuss with your classmates:

What kind of feelings does the thought of a hot air balloon ride evoke in you? Excitement? Peace? Nervousness? Why?
Which of the three locations (Burj Khalifa, Koh Phi Phi, or African Savannah) interests you the most and why?
What would you hope to see during your hot air balloon ride in the chosen location?
What might be some challenges or unexpected occurrences during your hot air balloon ride?
How would you feel once the hot air balloon starts to descend, marking the end of your journey?

Remember, the choice is yours! Whether you choose the glittering cityscape, the tropical island, or the wild savannah, make sure to take us on your journey. Describe everything you see, everything you feel. Let’s begin this adventure!



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